Bush Library Highlights The Balance Of Powers

The Bush Library’s “Separating Powers” Section Explains The Balance Between The Executive, Judicial, And Legislative Branches. The following photograph is from the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum:

[George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum Display, photo taken May 3-4, 2013]

Bush Undercut Balance by Increasing Executive Power

Bush Administration Pushed For “Vastly Increased Power” As A “Unitary Executive.” According to the Center for Public Integrity, “The Executive Office of the President and the Bush administration in general have drawn widespread criticism for their push toward a ‘unitary executive,’ a presidency with vastly increased power to interpret and implement the law. The administration’s decision to authorize warrantless wiretapping, its use of signing statements to pick and choose which portions of legislation to execute, its push for unrestricted detention of suspects in the war on terror, and its broad and aggressive assertion of executive privilege all drew bipartisan criticism.” [Center for Public Integrity, 12/10/08]