Bush Wanted to Enshrine Marriage Discrimination in the Constitution

Bush Called For A Constitutional Amendment Banning Same-Sex Marriage. According to the New York Times, “President Bush said today he supported a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, declaring that such a measure was the only way to protect the status of marriage between man and woman, which he called ‘the most fundamental institution of civilization.’ In an announcement fraught with social, legal and political implications, Mr. Bush urged Congress to act on the amendment quickly and send it on to the state legislatures. Quick action is essential, he said, to bring clarity to the law and protect husband-and-wife marriages from a few ‘activist judges.’” [New York Times, 2/24/04]

Bush: “Preservation Of Marriage” As Important As “Serious Matters Of National Concern” Previously Addressed By Constitutional Amendment. According to the New York Times, “‘An amendment to the Constitution is never to be undertaken lightly,’ Mr. Bush said. ‘The amendment process has addressed many serious matters of national concern, and the preservation of marriage rises to this level of national importance.’” [New York Times, 2/24/04]

Gay Marriage Amendment “Soundly Defeated In The Senate.” According to the Washington Post, “A constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, backed by President Bush and conservative groups, was soundly defeated in the Senate yesterday after proponents failed to persuade a bare majority of all senators to support the measure.” [Washington Post, 6/8/06]