The Whole Story: The Surge was Opposed by Generals, No Long-Term Goals

Joint Chiefs Of Staff Took A “Firm Stand” Against The Surge. According to the Washington Post, “The Bush administration is split over the idea of a surge in troops to Iraq, with White House officials aggressively promoting the concept over the unanimous disagreement of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, according to U.S. officials familiar with the intense debate. … But the Joint Chiefs think the White House, after a month of talks, still does not have a defined mission and is latching on to the surge idea in part because of limited alternatives, despite warnings about the potential disadvantages for the military, said the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the White House review is not public. The chiefs have taken a firm stand, the sources say, because they believe the strategy review will be the most important decision on Iraq to be made since the March 2003 invasion.” [Washington Post, 12/19/06]

Joint Chiefs Warned That Militias Would “Melt Back Into Society” During Surge Only To Fight Once Again When Troops Removed. According to the Washington Post, “The informal but well-armed Shiite militias, the Joint Chiefs have also warned, may simply melt back into society during a U.S. surge and wait until the troops are withdrawn — then reemerge and retake the streets of Baghdad and other cities.” [Washington Post, 12/19/06]